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What is Home Scheduled Maintenance?

A preventive maintenance program is vital to ensuring your home’s value and comfort. The maintenance should be performed quarterly, at a minimum. This will allow the service technician to test the integral components of your home, such as air conditioning filters, refrigerator drip pan and coils are cleaned and vacuumed and verified they are in good operating condition. All Countryside Stewards programs should include changing filters and visually checking operation.

A properly planned and executed preventive maintenance program has many benefits. The technician has the opportunity to check for specific issues, which will allow him/her to detect problems, either potential or existing, and take action to correct those problems. These measurements result in decreased system failures and "down time". This saves money in the cost of the repairs required to maintain proper functioning of your home, as well as energy conservation. Properly maintaining your home will allow it to run more efficiently. This efficient operation will result in decreased utility costs and potentially unit longevity, thus reducing replacement costs.

What is done during Preventive Maintenance?
Countryside Stewards offer several different levels of preventive maintenance programs, each consisting of various tasks to be performed. Our most basic maintenance is performed quarterly and consists of the following tasks: First Visit Evaluation. Assess your home’s "personal needs" with a home maintenance inspection. This inspection will evaluate your home needs. We also know that every home is different.

Download a check list here.

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